Cy Pres Funds

The legal term cy pres, taken from the French phrase "cy pres comme possible," or "as near as possible," means a court may order that unclaimed funds in a class action case be directed to another purpose as close as possible to the goal or outcome sought in the class action.

Directing cy pres funds to Ohio Legal Aid is appropriate in a wide array of class actions, as legal aid provides representation and protects the legal rights of consumers and other persons who otherwise would have no meaningful access to justice.

Awards of cy pres funds to Ohio Legal Aid will help to settle cases, as legal aid enjoys broad support among judges, lawyers and other influential community members. Directing funds to Ohio Legal Aid will eliminate controversy, objections, and other impediments to meaningful settlement of class action cases.

Ohio's civil legal aids fight for justice by stabilizing families, home and communities; by protecting the rights of Ohioans, and by safeguarding Ohio's most vulnerable citizens.