OSBA Appellate District Project

Foundation pro bono staff is working with the Ohio State Bar Association to facilitate local pro bono committees in each of Ohio's 12 appellate districts, which are led by judges and on which lawyers and judges serve, and are designed to increase opportunities for pro bono work by Ohio's attorneys. The project is directed by a statewide committee consisting of representatives from each local pro bono committee, plus representatives from each of Ohio's legal aids.

Foundation pro bono staff assists the statewide commmittee and works to support local committees. The local committees are charged with developing and executing pro bono work plans for the appellate district, many of which will incorporate new pro bono projects designed to address needs identified by the committees.

Additionally, the statewide committee has identified several areas in which it will work collaboratively with Foundation staff to continue to facilitate statewide coordination of pro bono, and to advocate for greater allocation of resources to this project.