Message to Attorneys on Voluntary Pro Bono Reporting

The Ohio Supreme Court will again invite attorneys to report pro bono service, voluntarily and anonymously, early in January.

The Court will send an email during the second week of January (for 2014, the week beginning January 13) to every attorney on active status having an email address on file with the Court's Attorney Services Division. The sender of the email will appear as "The Supreme Court of Ohio." The email will contain a link that an attorney or firm representative may use to connect to the voluntary pro bono reporting website. The reporting process consists of 8 questions and should take no more than ten minutes to complete if records for pro bono service and financial contributions are compiled in advance.

The Court allows a representative to report pro bono hours and financial contributions to organizations providing legal services to persons of limited means on behalf of attorneys in a firm, company, department or agency. The representative may do so by using the link found in the email sent by the Supreme Court to an attorney in the firm, company, department or agency, and following onscreen prompts.

Law firm equity partners may report a pro rata share of law firm contributions to Ohio organizations that provide legal services to persons of limited means, including bar associations that operate pro bono programs, provided that duplication of reporting by firm representatives is avoided.

The information will be used to identify gaps in the delivery of legal services in order to strengthen the network of civil legal services available to Ohioans who cannot afford an attorney.

The Court partners with the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation to implement voluntary pro bono reporting. For more information and FAQ's on voluntary pro bono reporting, visit Voluntary Reporting.